What Money Can’t Fix – @ericabiz –

So I used money to try to solve the problem again. Only this time, I hired a therapist.

In my first therapy session, my therapist warned me that he would say what Richard couldn’t or wouldn’t say–that I might get mad at him at first, and even be tempted to quit therapy. I told him I was pretty strong and willing to listen.

He then said something that was eye-opening. He said, “Pretend the time you have in a day is made up of 10 units. How many of those units do you devote to work?”

I said, “Eight.”

He nodded. Then, “How many on your relationship?”

I said, after a long (and humbling) pause, “One.”

He said, “I don’t think so.”

And that’s when I broke down in tears.

Wow, I felt so bad when I read this.



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