Surviving the Smartphone Wars from @brianshall

  • The smartphone is the computer.
  • The mobile web is the web.
  • The future is evenly distributed.
  • People want what they want when they want it where they want it.
  • Information wants to be monetized.
  • Want your business to go global? Think: Young. Brown. Woman. Child. That is your market.
  • People should not have to — and very soon never again will — pay for content they do not want.
  • Hyperlocal is hyperglobal. Master one highly targeted niche anywhere. If successful, the infrastructure exists, at virtually no cost, to replicate your service everywhere, hyper-rapidly.
  • Boring is Death. No adult will allow themselves moments of quiet, or dis-connection. Neither should they force children to go off-grid.
  • There is only one time. Now.
  • There is only one place. Here



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