The Media Equation – Film Version of Zuckerberg Divides the Generations –

“When you talk to people afterward, it was as if they were seeing two different films,” said Scott Rudin, one of the producers. “The older audiences see Zuckerberg as a tragic figure who comes out of the film with less of himself than when he went in, while young people see him as completely enhanced, a rock star, who did what he needed to do to protect the thing that he had created.”

I remember a few years ago. I asked a guy in a dorm room about the Scarface poster on the wall.

“Awesome,” he said, “that movie was like, awesome.”
Then he start gibbering like a monkey about his little friend.

I asked him if he understood that Tony Montana — just like Michael Corleone — was a tragic hero in the movie.

He looks at me and said, “you didn’t like The Godfather? It’s awesome. That’s a classic.”


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