Why the American Publisher will probably not make it. RE: Guillotine of Change

Although they demand, the questions remain: What entitles them to an ebook version of a book? What entitles them to a price threshold of $9.99? What entitles them to a DRM-free ebook? What entitles them to simultaneous release of an ebook and a hardcover?

This guy is a moron. And all the kudos I’ve been hearing about this article kind of crush me. If this is the publishing industry’s best response, I don’t think they will make it.

This guy argues that about why people deserves to buy DRM-free ebooks at $9.99. Then he weasels his way out by “acknowledging” that market forces will probably force ebooks down to $9.99 that consumers want to pay.

He finish off with a strawman argument that people who disagrees with him believes that they are “entitled” — rights in the legal sense — to $9.99 books. He claims his opponents believe they have more more valuable rights, more rights, or that publishers and author have no rights …

Buddy, I don’t think anybody is making that claim. His “opponents” (who aren’t: most people who care about ebooks right now are usually book-loving Cassandra’s.) argue for cheap, DRM-free books because literature will be better serve by them.

Their cries aren’t calls for heads, or trumpeting of non-existing rights, but warnings.


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