The Newspaper is properly fucked. From @david_a_eaves

The internet is has fucked with the magic of newspapers. And that’s scary for anyone who grew up under the old model. Forget about the advertising (that’s the part google messed with). What about the simple ego bash and job justification crisis of suddenly being able to see exactly how many readers looked at your piece and how long they chose to stay. And what about discovering that that number is nowhere near what you’ve been telling yourself for years.

The era of collectively lying magic is over. The average globe weekday circulation is 330,145, the Star’s is 446,493 and the Post’s 209,211. How many of those papers got read? Half? (the morning was too busy, kids had early practice, didn’t have time for a coffee break today, no one grabbed it from the airport lounge or hotel room). Of the remaining papers, most readers skim the paper and maybe read one or two of their favourite columnists plus a news story or two that really catches there eye. In short I suspect most columnists maybe get read, in print, by 60K people. But we don’t know, cause there are no good metrics.

This is “oh-so-true.”
The adword revolution is that marketing finally have metrics to see the effectiveness of ads.

One can argue that the economic rent collected by newspapers has always been propped up by two factors: (1) Natural Monopolies/Duopolies form in every major city; (2) Asymmetric information flow between newspaper ad dept and advertisers.

Now with google, they’re gone.


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