HR have no clue sometimes. #HR #FAIL #Geek

Although she’s “not entirely plugged-in” to geek culture, Ottawa-based HR consultant Sharon Lambert said that when she hires for corporate clients she does try to find workers who will play nicely with the other staff members.

“Obviously someone has to have the solid technical skills, but especially when I’m hiring for enterprise clients I really (put a) gold star (by) candidates who are poised and polished. You don’t have to be Mr. Country Club, but understanding corporate culture is important, and being able to sit in a meeting and be comfortable with the accountants and the product managers is a big advantage,” Lambert said.

“If you present yourself like you live under a bridge, you will spend your career in the server room or the wiring closet and, honestly, that’s a good fit for some people, but we will need fewer and fewer of them.”

Lambert also noted that departments full of hard coders have been notoriously hard to manage, in part because they often had non-techie managers imposed on them from above. But, she said, an increase in technology graduates with a background and education that makes them management material is bound to normalize these departmental relations.

Sure, those guys may smell funny and have no social skills. But these are still the guys that makes the magic-stuff happen.

In the meantime, those poised candidates are polishing their gold star outside the server room, normalizing departmental relations.


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