$30,000 a year to blog fulltime — um, no thanks.

$30,000 USD still sounds big when you’re a new blogger – and in some ways it is. However there are different ways of thinking about that figure. Lets break it down in the way that I used to look at my target.

  • $30,000 a year = $576.92 per week
  • $30,000 a year = $82.19 a day
  • $30,000 a year = $3.42 an hour

This guy just wrote an article on how people can *ASPIRE* to make $30000 a year blogging.

His inspirational numbers are for someone to work 24 hours a day, for 365 days a year.

BTW, strictly speaking, he isn’t wrong. Your blog, once written and properly monetized should make you money all day long, even when you sleep. But you will probably have to work really hard. Most full time bloggers I follow work weekends. Other seems to have fiendish schedules of from morning till 2AM and never-ending schedules.

The other problem is that $30000 is very little money. It’s about $13-$15 an hour for most folks with a regular 9-5. This is all without having to take on venture risk, without variable income, and without stress. Also, you don’t have to pimp your good name to sell “Really Big Commission Affiliate Products” like training courses or “yearly-memberships” to your blog.

This guy isn’t talking about passive income. He is saying that if you work hard full-time on your blog and, in the mean time, keep your day job, and if you find crazy ways to scam money from your readers — especially your most passionate fans — you *may* make about the same as a 19 years old assistant manager at McDonald’s.

I don’t know if everybody has gotten all daffy, or if my generation of tech-savvy writers are just a bunch of idiots.


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