On the nonsense from out-of-touch, non-black Baby Boomer journalists.

I just read a story about Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroe’s bestseller which stipulates that he “broke the publishing industry’s rule that black novelists don’t sell”. That is some extremely corny prose. Black novelists in Canada don’t even get a fair shot to get published, much less sell. That’s why I’m going to set up an imprint in a few years, and disprove much of this nonsense being written by this particular brand of out-of-touch, non black Baby Boomer journalist. There are so many dull and uninteresting Canadian novels being put out there on the marketplace, and publishing contracts being handed out to authors who members of my writing group can outright out-write with their pinky finger, yet they get no traction because they don’t go to the right parties, might not have the correct last name, aren’t of the right racial designation, have no privileges bestowed upon them by birthright. It’s like whatevs. The show must go on. Our ancestors have endured far worse ignorance, and it’s 2009, so ain’t no one waiting around for some analog journo to give my Generations wordsmiths their stamp of approval.
Globalization is real. It’s not 1982…the takeover is imminent.

The Lawrence Hill of Hip Hop



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