How NOT to make a presentation …

… especially if the life and death of your company depends on it.

Motorola CLIQ: A Lesson on How Not to Launch a Product – Columns by PC Magazine

Never underestimate the power of a press conference or keynote where the CEO rolls out his company’s latest innovation … A half-hearted or miscued push launches the product, too, but it doesn’t go very far. The poorly executed event isn’t the least bit memorable and the product is left struggling to make it away from shore.

Awesome post by Lance Ulanoff of PCMag on how NOT to do a presentation.

Even if you’re not a techie, read it.

If MotoBlur is blotted out of existence a year from now, we know the moment that it was pre-determined.

Great comment about Stevenotes:

Apple is in love with bullet points and they use them to great effect. First, they tell you about their great new product. Then they show you the great new product, and after that they give you a succinct bullet point summary of everything they just showed you. It’s very effective. If only Motorola had used a few bullet points.

Although, Apple actually don’t use bullet points. All versions of Keynotes actually makes it hard for you to use the • unlike Powerpoint which defaults it.

I think he was talking about Apple using forceful, short, clauses, single words, or just an image to push an idea across and link it to something they’re selling.



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