Google’s got game for cellphones, but Vito Pileci doesn’t for Journalism

Google’s got game for cellphones

Google Voice, now being tested in the United States, automatically links certain cellphones with home and business lines, bypassing existing cellular networks.

The only catch? Users must be within range of a wireless Internet connection.

Another reason to hate Ottawa.

Their “journalists” suck.

Unless VITO PILIECI is using some special version of Google Voice that no one else have, Google Voice does NOT by-pass existing cellular network. You also don’t need wi-fi (which the article sort of implied.)

The article then meanders on cellular usage patterns and pricing in Canada — which is relevant to Google Voice only so far as both are about telephones. It was total padding from an earlier article by Sarah Schmidt.

This is shoddy journalism. Did Vito even tried a cellphone with Google Voice? I know they’re in limited beta and only available in the US, but he could at least read about it. Y’know, google it or something.

For a much better article on Google Voice, read this article by Jacqui Cheng.

Vito, just because you have a deadline, it doesn’t mean you got to drag a co-worker down by including her name in your lazy article.


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