They’re really a cute couple. I saw them on the subway. Must be 16. Both of them very beautiful. And happy.

Reminded me of what Q. said to me the first time we hung out at Queen’s. I was in first year. He was in third and deep depression. I think it was my third week there and completely fucked off of vodka.

“Dude,” I said, ” fucking hot chicks everywhere. So how many and how hot?” I was being a jackass.

He was really drunk on Amaretto. Hazy. He looked at me me. Half-opened his eyes. He was about to give me a talk.

“Sam,” he said, “you’re Chinese. In Kingston, the white girls only fuck white guys. Maybe a black guy. And all the Asian chicks want white dick. Except for FOBs. They mostly fuck other FOBs. So for guys like us, we’re pretty fucked.”

I nodded and said nothing. Inside, I was kinda angry at him. What kind of dumb-ass shit is this he is blabbering about? Q. is a little older. I suppose that gives him more experience than I did. But if this is what experiences teaches, I think he should’ve asked for his tuition back.

I never did accepted this advice. Even if, incidentally, I made many of the same observations that he did.

Q. transformed himself from a CBC to a FOB and started fucking FOB’s.

I don’t think about it. In Chinese, they say, “the boat will straighten itself out.”


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