I went with S.V. to this soon-to-be multi-use complex for all-natural food, conservation centre, wilderness education facility, etc. etc.

Right now, it’s a gutted old brick factory. Interesting history. Most of Toronto was built with bricks from this factory and the nearby quarry.

Evergreen is trying to gather enough capital now and start to retrofit the place. Estimated construction cost: $50 million.

It’ll be good. It’s kind of inaccessible though. They hired a private short bus to shuttle people between the site and Broadview Station. The site, just off of Bayview, south of Pottery Road. By the Don River. (Which, by implication, is next to the DVP.)

The problem I saw was that the whole place is on a flood plain. Ankle deep water is a common occurrence. The place is also expected to have 3 & 1/2 meters of water every 300 years or so.

They’re not planning to do any damming, re-directing, or draining. Instead, they’re going to build canals and grow plants everywhere. Probably a few more points for their proposed LEED Platinum design.

I had a good time. Got to wear a hard hat (I forgot to take a picture) and hung out with a friend.


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