Cassius, Hermes, Hannibal

Just remember the three people from antiquity i most admired as a kid.

Cassius from Julius Caesar
There was always something so much more interesting for me, the manipulative, cowardly Cassius.

Sure, he can’t win a battle, treat his wife like crap, and can’t fall on his own sword properly. But he masterminded the whole death of Caesar. All out of spite too.

Mark Antony comes second. But being too much of a doofus to underestimate Octavius, I find thar I can’t fully like him.


Dude has got winged feet. Invented writing and medicine. And gets to fly around with a stick. Having a sense of humor is cool too.

The Carthargian Hannibal
Shit. What does this guy not have? Blood oath as a little kid. Invented flanking as a major battlefield tactic. Was both a renagade general and a fugitive. Chosed death before dishonor. Plus, he had elephants! And invaded europe with them.

He managed a multicultural, multilingual force of colored folks and burned most of Italy. How can any kid not like him?


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