Big Checkmark Over Macau

I haven't seen all the famous landmarks of Macau, but I saw all the fameous (and not so fameous and also some infameous) things I had listed out.

All that is left now for me is to wait until Sat when I ride the ferry back to Hong Kong.

I like Macau a lot. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful women. (Comeliness is something of a job qualification here.) Lots of job opportunities. Rent is cheap. Investiment good. Government is a bit shady, as they recently indicted the Public Works Minister for fraud. People here seem fairly content. The rising income gap between casino and non-casino workers is raising some tension. Also, the rapid changes to the landscape and the influx of foreign workers are raising dissatisfaction amongst long time residents.

Officially, I am a permanent resident of this little pennsula with all the attending rights and privleges — including preferential hiring for positions.

I'll have to see.


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