Permanent resident card

I applied for my permanent resident card a few days ago. It allows me to live and work in Macau.

I wasn't intending to stay; mostly, I came to Macau to see some relatives and also to see the place I was born. Re-examine my roots.

It's strange. The whole place is booming … sort of. Especially at night, the lights of the casino and pawn shops lit permanently the streets along the waters. Massive labor shortages for all industries of pleasure.

It would be a little bit more difficult for me to find work here as I cannot read Chinese with any reliability. I suppose I can find work here at the Wynn or Venetian. Or maybe one of the airlines. It's hard to say. I don't really want to stay in the first place.

Right now, I am typing this inside Noite e Dia Cafe, on the bottom of the Hotel Lisboa and it's many casino rooms. Below me are the shopping arcades where Mainlander prostitutes circle endlessly, asking single men to go upstairs.

Working here would be working HERE. I just don't know. Canada is a very good place to live. Even if the taxes are high. I spent most of yesterday with my new brother-in-law (a cousin-in-law by Western reckoning.) He was extoling to me the virtues of returning home. Mostly, it has to do with the endless financial opportunites available in Macau right now. Low cost of living, a conservative and unskilled workforce, and rapid GDP growth mean a smart person can grow wealthy here. Millions. (But probably not billions.)

Everybody seems to have a different side on the benefits of the many casino construction. I guess it is the counting of winners and losers. Who stands to make money off the new casinos and the transformation of Macau into the Las Vegas of the Orient.


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