Holiday at the (HK-ese) movies


I spent the whole 2 weeks chilling out and watching old HK gangster films. The Tsui Hark, Johnny To, Andrew Lau, and John Woo
Just finished Exile, which will be Hong Kong’s entry to the Oscar’s for 2008.
I saw most of the 古惑仔 series. I also saw a few derivatives.

It’s funny. I just realized how ingrained these movies were. I grew up with A Better Tomorrow.
And it has sorta been a rough bible for my life. Somethings I learned were: be loyal to friends and family; money is power; life is unimportant as long as one follow ones duty; death is okay as long as it is glorious; nothing is worse than a traitor or a snitch.

I hoping this week of movie watching will influence not beyond trying to double-pistol my way thru a crowded karaoke.


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