The Toronto Way

Hanging out with many different people from all over the world is one of the privleges of living in Toronto. Here, everybody has different norms and expectations. And there are different communities of diverse cultural backgrounds. I, personally, know very little about each one of them. I just know the people that I know and that some of them are cool, some of them not, some are sad, some are flippant, some are rich, some are poor.

I had always thought that the ability to accept — or, at the very least, tolerate — people who are very different from you is one of the key pre-requisites to surviving and thriving in Toronto. You cannot walk half a block in this city without being overwhelmed by differences. That is what makes a city, a city. The overwhelming diversity is what makes Toronto a great city. And tolerance, and co-operation, and harmony. It’s the Toronto way.


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