Not hot at all

Last night, my friend JC and I were talking about his “women problem.” He is in-between seeing two different women: the really hot woman he is involve in now and the far plainer, less hot woman he actually likes.

I as making bets with E, our mutual friend, that he will wise up. Dump the girl he is with now and be with the woman he loves. E is more skeptical. “If the sex is as good as he says it is, I don’ think he will.”

This is compound by the fact tha the current girl is universally acclaimed to be hot.

“People kept coming up to me to tell me how hot she is. Even those who do not know we’re dating,” JC confided to me.

I realized, right there and then, how useless the concept of “hot” is.

In high school, my male friends andI often hung out at Fairview Mall. Above the food court is a crossbridge to the theatre on the second level. We stood on this platform ot check out chicks eating below.

Every women had a number. From out commanding heights, we jabbed out thumbs and heads at the hotties below. Imperiallydeclaring their hotness using a numerical scale from 1-10.

It was a floaing, consensus-building exercise.
“Dude, check out the 8 in the pink top.”
“Nah, she is like a 6. Tits too small.”
“But look at the legs on her. I think that counts for something.”
“Okay, maybe 7.”

So it would go on for hours. I think most of us barely paid attention to the women that we ourselves are allegedly attracted to. If one of us declared the appearance of a 10, we all clamoured like monkeys for a good look. Mostly, we argued. Each giving a diferent weight to different body parts, style, demeanor. The attraction was never the women and the endless parade of hotties never did feed eroticism into our hormon-driven bodies. It was just a big buy-bonding thing to do.

Over the year, I spoke to many heterosexual men about sex. I learned that their sexual preference are diverse. Pleasure of the flesh varied as the bodies of men varied. It is a piece of foolishness to let other men tel you who you should be attracted to.

So, it felt like high school again when my friend presented me with his problem. He was fucking the girl that every one else said was hot and not the woman he is actually attracted to.

But, eternal optimisim shining like the sun within me, I am still betting onmy friend to dump the hotie and date a woman I find physically repulsive and irresistably cool.


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