Reflections on maintaining my addressbook

Tonight, I spent the last two and a half hours going through all of my address book info. It was a fairly big job. I’ve had my yahoo email address for ten years. Between my 7 changes of address, 8 phone number changes, my yahoo email was the only thing that was consistent. The same people that knew me from 10 years ago can still find me today by sending me an email.

Needless to say, I have lots of contact info all stored up in there. Everybody I knew, pretty much. Most have been sitting there for years. Unsorted. Unlooked at. So I went thru them. One by one.

The records were so old. There were people I didn’t know. Some I probably couldn’t recognize now if I tried. There were people I have not seen since high school. People I will never see again. People who won’t speak to me again. It was a strange elation trodding down memory lane.

Then came the hard part: what do I throw out? I was especially delighted to discard ex-girlfriends. There were some jerks I never liked, but had to collaborate with from work and school. Those were easy and fun. The problem comes from good friends that I might never have the chance to see again. Dead emails that never got replied. When do I start assuming that the contact is no longer valid? Who were still necessary? What about the girl who went to Asia and is never coming back? Should I still keep the number from her parent’s house in Markham?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

144. That was the number of people I ended up with. It’s strange to come up with an accurate count of the number of people you actually care about in this world.


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