Mad Dash to Pittsburgh

On the TTC now rushing home so I can pack, find my passport, and go to
the Greyhound station. I've been so sick the last week that I forgot
when I had to fly to San Francisco.

I thought I still have another day.

The bus ride from Toronto to Pittsburgh is 12 hours, with two, two-hour
layovers in Buffalo and Fort Erie. I must leave T.O. tonight if I want
to spend a full day in Pittsburgh with Eddy. (I'd get there by noon, all
groggy from no sleep.)

Today is also the last day of Pride Week, so the coach bus is gonna to
be packed….

The whole thing is so unpleasant, I wonder why I thought it would be a
good idea just a month ago. I already sort of packed. Now, need to go
quickly and pray no roadblocks come my way.


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