She don’t use jelly

Tyra Banks apparently has a great tip on dry skin.

I have been reading your messages and a lot of you are concerned that putting Vaseline on your face is not the best thing to do. I have very dry skin, so Vaseline is great for the skin on my face. But if you have oily or acne prone skin, you should probably keep the ‘LINE (nickname for Vaseline – pronounced “LEENE”) off of your face.

Today, my feet were really ashy, and I put some Vaseline on them before I put my socks on. I just got home. (I went to the movies today to see CRANK. That movie ROCKED. It was sooooo good. It was really violent though and has some sexual stuff that is too strong for the young’uns out there. So I am NOT recommending that people under 18 years old see it! That Jason Stratham – star of the flick – is one sexy dude.) But anyway, I came home from the movies and took my socks off and my feet were ash free. They were glowing!!! Vaseline came to the rescue!!!


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