Scared of crowds on the subway: Just play Alpha Male

Lifehacker has a little article for subway riders who claustrophobic. I am not sure if it is a joke or meant seriously, but one of the hint is

Be the alpha male – look powerful

All animals(humans included) keep their distance from the powerful alpha males. The vital space is proportional to the importance of the animal. An alpha male will benefit from a larger space, as the weaker ones will tremble in fear and step back.The nice trick here is that you don’t really have to BE a dangerous fellow. In order to maximize your vital space and push the crowd back, all it takes is to look powerful and confident. Not to mention you will probably hook up with some girls along the way – everyone loves a secure and confident guy.How can you do it? I’ll write about this some more in some future articles, but here’s the short version: it’s all in the attitude, language and body language:When you speak, do it a bit louder than usual with larger, confident hand gestures; when you walk try to look big and important; when you seat, keep your feet spread and your arms apart; instead of looking humble, look secure. When it’ll work, you’ll know – people will start perceiving you as a secure, important fellow, an alpha male they need to keep their distance from. Careful though, not to overreact – you don’t want to look obnoxious, loud and aggressive, do you?


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