Stephen Harper is … for real.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks to a crowd of Conservative Party supporters at a rally in Toronto, Ontario

Our dear Prime Minister made a speech last week that was really quite good. Go ahead, read it yourself.

It is actually a fairly revolutionary speech. It attacked the “Great Experiment” image of Canadian Federalism and politics. The sub-text of this is that it more or less undermine the concept of Canada as the Confederation of the Un-American Americas. Domestic issues aside, the Fathers of Confederation signed on to the Dominion stretching from sea to sea, partly out of fear over a resurgent United States that had became a military and industrial power after the American Civil War.

The Great Experiment — was the deal worked out between the French, the Ontarians, the Maritimers for some sort of powersharing, to co-exist, and to ensure a British foothold in the Pacific.

Harper seems to dislike this part of Canadian history. He almost envision himself, not as the Prime Minister of a G7 nation, but a little burgermeister waiting on the call of his overlord:

The Canada that I see on the world stage is the reflection of its people: a diligent worker, a cooperative neighbour, a courageous warrior, a compassionate helper, a loyal friend.

All positive characteristics, of course. But, not mentioned here is who exactly is our neighbour? Who are we a worker for? Whose wars are we warriors of? Who do we help? Who is our friend?

Harper also wanted the average Canadian to know that he is not for all the fancy-pants elites.

Canadians in the broad middle – Canadians who were for far too long invisible and overlooked by the political process.

But rest assured, our dear leader has a simple pancrea for all our problems, if we will just follow.

All you have to remember is this: Conservative forward, Liberal back.

And maybe he will tell us next that all about the two-legs and four-legs and the goods and betters of them.


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