Saturday Morning with Cartoons and Fashion

Woke up today much too early. And went to be much to late last night.
Went to Afterlife, a club I can quickly forget. On my way home, bumped
into some old TSN guys and talked game.

I woke up this morning completely dehydriated. Had some Gatorade and
couldn't get back to sleep. Turned on the TV and saw that Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles was on. Whoo!

Then I watched a new episode of Fashion Files. Apparent Romantic, Art
Nouveaux (Romantic derivative), metallic clothing, and Moonraker are in.
Showed the LV, Boss and Oscar De La Renta Spring/Summer.

I am not impressed with Marc Jacobs. The LV line is so-so. Then he tried
to be edgy by having the models carry those tri-colour twill bags that
are often used by homeless people. Except they looked really new and
seem (at least on camera) to have a very fine finish. Who know? Maybe
available soon at LV store near you.

The Boss men's collections were both typically Hugo, bold, shiny, and
anemic. I always like the way some Boss jackets fit on me, but they just
never seem that haute. Like, Boss is an almost-brand.

I always like bold colours. Oscar De La Renta was very vivid. I like the
look, floral prints on white, royal blue silk. However, I can never find
anyone aside from the amazing latino models that can pull it off.

One of the commentators were telling women that they should consider
metallic dresses to be an investment, since "they never go out and last
forever." I guess I'l be investing in some chainmail this season.

After Fashion Files, I watched Avata: the Last Airbender. I have seen it
before and slotted it as a great, light pseudo-anime. This episode,
Tales of Ba Sing Se, completely changed my mind. It was very tightly
written. Filled with pauses. It was a series of unrelated vignettes of
the major characters in the city of Ba Sing Se.

The best was Tale of Iroh, which itself was composed of vignettes. They
seem like a series of unrelated activities of a happy old man, out on a
nice day. Each are more humorous than the last, but are all related
thematically with a elegiac ending.

I am impressed. I think it was only a few minutes long, but expressed
beautifully, what it intended to convey. Symbols, of putting a Moon
Flower in the shade so it may bloom. A marching song sung as a lulaby.
The repetition of a well-worn adage, followed by its reversal. I don't
know if I necessarily agree with its msg, but it was well-written.

Anywho, I think I may go and buy a Nehru jacket today. Here's to Roger


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