Another little break: Quan Schieder Fine Art

@99 Yorkville Avenue

This was the most impress exhibit for me personally.

The artist, Richard Posa, created large breathtaking pieces of whalebone sculptures that are actually made from maple. This transfer to a different medium is very well done. It show the real craftsmanship of the artist and also his ability to envision structures that were neither geometrical, nor fully a part of the natural world.

Very good.


2 thoughts on “Another little break: Quan Schieder Fine Art

  1. Anonymous

    Smooth with curves, touch is what you want to do to these beautiful pieces. Big & small you can’t take your eyes off of them. Original pieces made of maple wood. The wood colour with natural red within the wood provides depth to these sculptures. If you want to see pictures post your comments & I’ll send you a picture. If you get a chance don’t miss this great artist. Visit the Gallery and see what you’ve been missing.

  2. Razor_goto

    I’d love some of the pics from this exhibit.The comments are already posted though. I don’t have your email address to write to you. You didn’t leave a name.Are you the artist, Richard Posa?


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