Irony at my local bar

I haven’t been inside Daybreak (on Finch, near Kennedy) since they more
or less kicked me out a few years ago.

I just got back from Kingston. My friends and I were looking to get
together for a drink. We went inside and the redneck regulars there let
it be known to us, in no uncertain terms, that we were not welcolmed.
The management, while they said nothing, looked on with a certain amount
of satisfaction. The bucktooth rednecks jeered on.

Basically, we weren’t white. We never went back.

I went back again yesterday after my friend HC told me that it is a big
hangout spot for Mainlanders…. I was like, “what? mainlanders? What
happened to the white trash that used to hang out there?”

So we went. A super-hot mainlander asked me in three languages
(Mandarin, Cantonese, and English) whether I wanted a seat. The
bartender was this brown guy. I went out to the patio and it was packed
— with colour people. There were even a few “interracial couples” on a

This isn’t the same Daybreak that kicked me out anymore.


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