Afterparty World Cup: France vs Korea 1-1

This shows why the Korean soccer fans are the best in the world. The Reds tied and still they’re cheering. Koreatown is quickly becoming the World Cup centre of Toronto as fans of other nations quickly realizes the energy and openess of the Korean fans. (It helps too that they have lots of hot girls.)

First, Brazillians came to extend their victory celebration all the way from Ossington. A few Japanese came as well, they lost but are having a good time anyways. Even French fans showed up with Tricolors and Les Bleues uniforms.

After a couple of hours, I lost count. They were many Portugese fans that drove by as well as Argentina, England, Germany, Costa Rica, and even one very angry Italian. (guy was a choad.)

Cops came but even they knew that the Koreans were there to celebrate not to cause trouble. So they just hung around, directed traffic and left the fans to their revelry. It was all very orderly. More than once, a fan pulled me off the street on to the pavement because I was blocking traffic. Only Koreans: soccer hooligans with a sense of decency and ethics of self-policing. These guys are great!

There actually a lot of people who are not Koreans, don’t know any Koreans, and have no connections to the penninsula that came out in support of Korea. It’s obvious that the enthusiasm combined with their virtuous condunct has made the Reds, Toronto’s unofficial team in the World Cup.


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