Laziness and Sarging

I just realized. Because I have been spoiled for so long by situation
where I already have social proof and I haven’t really been sarging for
close to three years. I feel odd cold-approaching strangers in public.

I remember doing a lot of them a few years back and they were exciting,
but now they seem kind of lame.

I still get good reponses; in fact, my general body language display so
much alphaness that I shift the energy of room when I come in. (I find
it very disturbing when 8’s & 9’s check me out or sudden start
initiating eye-contacts — now I know how girls feel.)

But, I am so used to not having to work for attraction and for rapport.
My emotional side finding repulsing to have to have to do approaches and
encounter the chance of getting blown out. My emotional brain tells me,
“Why work so hard? you can always get positive feedback from your social
circle where you’re already massively social-proofed any people love

My logical brain doesn’t get this, so it makes me feel like I can’t do
approaches, rather than the fact that I don’t want to. The immediate
“risk-vs-reward” just isn’t there. Although, in the end of the day, I’m
better off being able to do cold approaches.


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