Shitty music period.

I grew up as a kid in the eighties, so lots of stuff that are very crass
seems very normal to me. Backgrounds aside, I was listening to the 80’s
Music Channel on Galaxie while I worked. I always listen to Galaxie
while I worked, but normally, it would be Baroque or Opera Plus. I
thought a change was good…. bad idea.

I know all those silly 80’s songs: “Love is a Battlefield,” “Eye of the
Tiger,” early Madonna. I actually like them and sing them in Karokes. I
didn’t realize how irratating they were until now. So I was tying out a
few letters when I feel that my pulse was racing and my stomach linings
lurching forward. I was confused as to what was happening, then realized
it was the music.

I was getting physically ill from 80’s music. Yeah, “Iniside my Heart.”
Fuck you Box, Gallery of Style.

— Sammy Lao, credo ut intelligam


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