Karaoke Commandments

From the very gods at alt.karaoke, The Ten Commandments (of Karaoke):

1) THOU SHALT NOT jeer, heckle, boo, harass, or otherwise interrupt a singer.
2) THOU SHALT NOT get too loaded if you are planning to perform.
3) THOU SHALT NOT whine about when your next turn is.
4) THOU SHALT NOT be upset if another patron sings a song you were planning to sing.
5) THOU SHALT NOT use foul language when at the mike.
6) THOU SHALT NOT swing the mike or dance with the mike stand.
7) THOU SHALT NOT sing along louder than the performer.
8) THOU SHALT NOT join in with a singer unless you are invited.
9) THOU SHALT NOT carry on a loud conversation next to the stage.

see the full article here.


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