I was googling my name again in my usual practice of unbridle
narcissism. I found my name to a very odd link to a website devoted to
custom-made roleplaying games. It refered to the Anime RPG by Ron
Keating et Al. It has gone missing recently and the moderator, one
Robert Warren said the game is being overhauled and not being released
till it is re-done.

Actually, this was inside of the google-cache. The actual exchange has
long been taken down.

I was shot thru with the most excited sensations. The Anime RPG was
something Eon, Robert, I, and many of the old crew did together over ten
years ago! Ron wanted to make a RPG so he can play Project A-ko, sowe
thought of a whole lotta stuff that, eventually would allow anybody to
run games out of any sort of Anime. At one point, I was told, they used
it to play an Orange Roads (Sort of like an Japanimated version of the

Anywho, I kinda dropped out of any developement when I moved to Toronto
in ’96.
These guys were kind enough to keep my name there… great guys.

So, I started googling again, this time on what happened to the ANIME
RPG. A few pages deep and I find out it’s back up again. They have
re-started Anime Rpg from scratch. They even tried contacting me
again… What wonderful guys!
(They tried my ICQ which I don’t use anymore.)

Man, these guys are turning pretty pro. They has a forum to discuss game

I was pretty much out of the loop by now so I have no idea what they are
talking about. I tried giving my two cents.

Man, it was so cool. Did I mention already what great guys they were?


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