bye bye New York

Took the 1:15AM bus. ETA is 2:00Pm.

Wow, I had a lot of fun. I was planning to stay a weekend, but ended up
doing almost ten days.

I got to see my two friends Eddy and Owen, which was cool.

It’s also nice to have some physicality to some of the stuff I read. For
example, “some dive on 42nd street” has some meaning for me now.

I was lucky to see New York when it was warm and also to have people to
show me around. Therefore, I have many positive associations now with
the city, even Central Park.

I didn’t see everything. In Manhattan alone, I didn’t see the
Rockefeller Ctr, MoMA, or in fact, any museums. I didn’t stray further
east than 5th Ave, or south of Canal Street, or gone deep into Harlem.
Major landmarks I made no intention to see: Statue of Liberty, UN, Wall
Street. Hell, I didn’t even want to look at the WTC site.

But I think I saw all of what I wanted. Except Hell’s Kitchen. I was sad
to learned that I was already there when I was going thru Times Square.
It was once a big slum in the middle of town, now it’s just a bunch of
shops. It’s just gone

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