Talk to me

This is the sort of stuff you’d see only on the Upper West Side. It’s
this couple that put out a few chairs and this sign on the sidewalk. The
idea is that people will just walkby and chat.

I got sucked in. Apparently, these two has been doing this for the last
four years. In fact, they took a road trip across America (& Vancouver)
on their bicycles. They lived on rooftops, people’s holmes, and camp on
the road. The woman claimed that the two of them spent ~$3000 on that
trip, which lasted a whole year.

They are not documenting any of this, The only thing theyare doing is
asking people to sign their guest book.

My gauge of the situation is that they view what they do as a piece of
public art, kind of like the Gates.

Eddy thought these guys are monumental morons. I, on the other hand, is
more sympathetic. If I were a different person, I might do the same

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