Moon Palace

Back on Broadway.
@112, where I went with Eddy to eat the first might I came to New York.
Tom’s Restaurant. Seinfeld’s diner.

I just realized that this is my two years anniversary of reading “Moon Palace.” That book changed my life. My last two years happened, good or bad, because I read it.

Jeanine told me about Paul Auster. She liked “The New York Trilogy.”

It’s strange walking here: most of “Moon Palace” took place in this area between Columbia & Central Park. I wish I had a copy here so I can trace those parts of New York and see them. The City, is the real protagonist of the novel.

Instead I gave it to Jeanine. That’s pretty dumb. She is in Oxford right now, so she probably threw it out.

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One thought on “Moon Palace

  1. Jaime

    This girl named jeanie was the math geek, right ??It’s interesting that you never hook me with with ANY female you knew from Queens’. Instead, you showed me the menwore. I showed you my women over the years, although most of them are pathetic, but women are women. Why you never show me your women ??


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