Inside of a New York Cab

I’ve been riding these stuff a lot in New York. They are really really
different from cabbing anywhere else.

First off, these things are everywhere. At any given time, I can see 5-6
cabs darting past by. This is true @ 9:30 in the morning, this is true

But, you can never catch one. They are always occupid or going home. I
waited once for close to a half-hour and just gave up and took the
subway. Some of the Cabbies can also be assholes. If they don’t think
you will be a big tipper/big trip, they would just drive off.

The prices for cabs in New York are relatively reasonable. I find it a
little cheaper in absolute terms to Toronto. From Penn station to the
Meatpacking district costs about $6-7 USD. In Toronto, a trip from
Chinatown to Dundas Station cost about just as much…. and keep in
mind, Purchasing Power Parity is higher in NYC.

They are comfortable. Clean. Drivers tend to be too busy to try to run
the meter (most of the time.) If you’re car-totting suburbanite, take
cabs in NYC.

— Sammy Lao, credo ut intelligam


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