I Recommend!

This is my only restaurant review for NY.

Bread and Pastry Cafe
330 Bleeker St. (Corner of Christoper St.)
They have muffins in the display window, a sandwich bar at the back,
fresh-baked bread (I think) in the oven, and the coffee is okay. Sounds
generic? Yep.

Why do I recommend it? Because it is exactly what a place like that
should be. Restaurants are an art-form; they have genera, motifs, style,
and craft.

The bakery-cafe is a very specific type. Unfortunately, American BoBo
fashionistas has completely fucked with it. They tried to blend it with
other things they like a full dinning restaurant, or a pub, or a
gastranomic tapas lounge.

Some works well. I like the way Futures Bakery has evolved. But most

That’s why I am solidly recommend Bread and Pastry. Prices are cheap.
The coffee is coffee. Best of all, everything is with tax. I gave the
man two one-dollar bills before I sat down with my regular coffee (only
two sizes here: regular & large, no grande) and cookies.

And it is more strange that it is located at the Greenwich Village, the
“historical gay district,” now the living space for soldout-lefties just
getting off from Wall Street.

It takes uncommonly high devotion to the ideal (or deep-pockets and
naivety) to do what they do here and charge so low for doing it.

Go there before they raise the price.


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