At the club on top of the world.

Took this last night at the meat-packing district. @ this club — I
don’t remember — Ganzebar?

It was on top of this hotel, penthouse. Club fly. Hot girls and rich
guys. $14 drinks.

I went out to the front patio that overlooks the river to New Jersy and
thought about how in a couple of hours, this place will be filled with
refridgerated-meat trucks again and all the Mercedes will be gone. Time
and place.

Then I hopped over to the back patio with the view to the Empire State
Building. The boldest building in the world. A girl in a short,
canary-yellow dress walked by and knelt over to the ledge to see how
high she is. She is smiling from the bottom of her samdled feet to her
auburn hair streaming in the wind. She smile and smiles and made me

After she left, I took this picture of where she was, now just an empty
frame. Time and place.
— Credo ut intelligam


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