Central Park (future visions of Downsview)

So much of the English-speaking culture is associated with this place. I
see it in movies, read about it in books, hear of it in songs. I’m going
thru it now and … it’s just another park. I also imagined it to be
very urban (part of downtown), but it is actually very far North from
the Financial District.

I guess the amazing thing is that such a large tract of ‘undeveloped’
land can be there in the Island of Manhattan.

But on the other hand, property value around is some of the most
expensive in the world. “Park-view” apparently has a lot of currency for
the real estate market here. These house are expensive precisely because
a massive park is here. Not just because there is some allocated
“green-space” is mandated by city planning officials.

This is a good lesson for developers in Toronto.

Also, it goes to show that the decision of Downsview Park is a good one.
With existing subway access (that is slated to extend further north),
20-50 years from now, Downsview might also be an exclusive address.


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