Maybe not so bad after all.

Has a good list of team-roles on page 145-146.

1) Very bright, fast, energetic; tends to dominate meetings and bulldoze people who do not work at the same speed.

2) Very good at detail, reliable and good at spotting mistakes; tends to hold things up while checking minor points.

3) Good at seeing the ‘big pictures’; does not like having to work on fine detail.

4) Excellent at dealing with others, networking and getting information; tends to spend a lot of time chatting and exploring options.

5) Always comes up with good ideas; sometimes a bit too off the wall.

6) Good at keeping everyone focused on the job in hand; sometimes ignores other options which could be even more helpful.

7) A good technical person who knows about the subject area in question; not so good at understanding others’ interestes and involvement.

8) Very positive and goal-focused; sometimes does not see obstacles in the way.

9) A good time manager; sometimes takes short cuts in order to keep to schedule.

10) Good at finding resources, sources of information and supplies; sometimes keener on the hunt for material than on the job in hand.


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