Some time now

I haven’t really made a post in a long time — 3 1/2 months, to be exact.

I wish I could attribute it to being lazy. If that were the case, I can try harder.

The problem for my lack of activity, unfortunately, is both endemic and outside of my control.

Yeah, the problem is work. Full-time.
It sucks the energy and time right from under you.
I barely got enough sleep, let alone do anything else since I got that darn job.
What a nightmare!

Now with no job, no cash, I will make a better effort to do better.


One thought on “Some time now

  1. nbim

    Hey there……I was trying to find info on coastal vacation and got directed to your site. It wasn’t exaclty what I was looking for, but I hope you dont mind me adding your blog to my favorites.


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